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I love traveling and going on holidays and meeting new people and seeing interesting places and seeing different cultures and and and...

So here I'll tell you about where I've been or where I'm going or want to go...


Easter Hols

7. - 13. April 2007


Well, what can I say? Seeing the family is always great. Wish we could've stayed longer though. The trip to Hastings was rather amusing. We set out about 6 o'clock in the evening, after Uncle Erich's 70th Birthday party. Well. And then we got lost somewhere near/after Antwerp. Entertaining I tell you.

"Where am I?" "What am I doing?" " Where am I going?"

I hate to say it, but: WOMEN!

Waiting at the seafront till someone in Clinton crescent 28 was awake was also weird. I suspect that's what you get when three women travel. Being in the Uk without Dad was also strange. But that means we'll be going over again soon! *hehe*

So what did we do? I'm still gonna post some pics- once they've been developed.

We had an Egg hunt, with hints, that was great. And results in us having loads of Easter chocolate (also known as *Christmas eggs*)...

Then there were two birthdays = two lovely cakes.

H's and Jack's.

Reina and Barbara did some fantastic cooking, and I also should'nt fail to mention Phil's superb curry.

I was introduced to Cricket, which is lots of fun, especially when Dennis Rodman is out to kill you with his crazy hair. By the way, sorry about all the inside jokes. It just happens along the way with your family and watching Family guy.

*Mother, I have sinned*

*Does that look like a Q to you?-What about now?*

Ah, yes.

We went to the pub with Les and played some pool, which I'm crap at. But it was still nice.

We visited Rudyard Kipling's house, which was built sometime 1634 or so. It was very pretty. Oh, by the way-he was the author of "The jungle book".

Then obviously we did a lot of shopping.

Easter Monday there was a boot sale, wahey!

And Hastings town had a lot to offer:

topshop, New Look, Peacocks, Bay, Bhs, Bodyshop, KFC's, Woolworths, Claire's, Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, etc...

Yes, I spent a lot of money...

We also bought so much at Sainsbury's that we got 15 pounds off-do the maths yourself!

The weather was -contrary to the misconception- fantastic.

It didn't rain at all!

Sunshine all round!

Apart from that...Oh we went to a BBQ at Ellie's boyf's house.

And to the cinema: Blades of Glory

That is a very funny, very silly film with Will Ferrell. Fantastic. Jon was embarrassed because Barb and I were laughing so hard. Yes, I wish they had "orange wednesdays" in germany.

And what I will still mention is the lovely walk we had on the beach with the three doggies.

I love the sea.

Wish I was there.



Joa,I woar in München...

23.-25. Februar


Fortsetzung folgt


Ok, still haven't summarized it yet, but here's some pics.

Aude and me on the bridge in Périgueux, facing the town. You can see the
 beautiful cathedral in the background, and the lovely flowers we gave to Sue in the foreground. We were just walking back to rue l'Alma from the market when we just had to pose!

So... my next trip was to France... I had an exchange student end of March/April before the hols,so in may it was our turn to go over there and visit Périgeux...We left two days after my Birthday. It was awesome. It's in the Dordogne, the Périgord. It's in the south western area of France, near Bordeaux. And even though I stayed in the l'internat, which wasn't as bad as some others said, it was a really great experience... I could've got on better with my corress perhaps, but she was nice on the whole... Maybe a little thoughtless at times but it was ok. I liked it and wouldn't have wanted to miss the experience... (Particularly the sleeping in one bed with her and her cat at the weekend, when I wasn't in the internat, because there I had a room with other french girls... ;) ) We saw lots of great places like Lascaux II, La roque Saint christophe, Sarlat, Rouffingac, Vesunna,... and we even went shopping in Bordeaux!!! Rue Sainte Caterine rocks! ;) (It's a 2 1/2 km street full of shops...paradise!)

Ok...that's about it for now... ;)

My Dad and I went to England in the easter Hols. We visited my aunt...Well not only her because my Grandma lives in the same house and so do my uncle and my cousins, more or less. ;) But it was good fun, I love being in England...We went to the Beach, I went jogging along the seaside which was "fantabulous" and we did lots of shopping and we even managed to go to London for a day and visit the National Art Gallery and National Portait Gallery...and Covent Gardens,where we found directions to an "Adidas Originals Store" where I bought some favourite ones: Superstars. White,white and white. Beautiful. I'll post a pic if I find a nice one! ;)