Mein Harem



Ok,einige Wesen, die ich persönlich ganz ansehnlich finde...Ist vielleicht nichts für die männlichen Besucher... ;)

Achso, noch eine Erläuterung zum Titel: Die meisten von euch werden ja wohl schon von Polygamie gehört haben, oder?

Auf alle Fälle sind das hier meine Ehemänner... =)

Soo hot right now

Ryan Lochte

Fernando Torres - just scored!
Fernando Torres - just scored!

Schade dass die Spanier raus sind...Aber das macht nichts... ;)

...und nochmal
...und nochmal

Sergio Garcia Ramos

Ist er nicht schön?!?
Und er kann auch richtig gut Fussball spielen...Ja...
Nur mit dem Haare schneiden schauen wir nochmal... :)

Jaa, ok er ist halt mein Lieblingsfussballspieler...
...und wir haben dieselbe Lieblingszahl...!

Ryan Gosling

Ok, so some people hated this film. I loved it! And especially the guys won't understand it... but hey, can it get any better? TWO hot guys in ONE film! ;)

So, here's a couple of Heath and Jake...


This is just after my favourite kissing scene... and then some parts from that scene... :P

Yes, I know...
Heterosexual guys usually don't understand this... ;)
But it's just would you say?
Steamy, huh?
Steamy, huh?

Don't you just love the look on his face?
I do.
But it's quite funny that he actually is together with this actress Michelle Whatsherface AND they called their daughter Matilda, so I'm cool with that... =)

But obviously I don't just like Heath Ledger because of Brokeback Mountain!
He's also a great knight...and I can't really think about 10 things that I hate about him... ;) But I didn't like the Sineater soo much... What else was he in? - Oh, Casanova. But I haven't seen that yet... :'(
Jake Gyllenhaal

The man with the incredible name.
But he's also very good. And very, very hot.
Donnie Darko was great, but kinda confusing... But Jarhead was a good one, too. Moonlight Mile was really sad... Well, I'm about to see another film with him tomorrow! Whopeeeee!

Oh, by the way, His sister Maggie is cooool.

Crave by Calvin Klein, smells sooo good!
Crave by Calvin Klein, smells sooo good!
Cillian Murphy

You might not know him yet, but look out for him!
Possibly you recognize him from "Batman begins" or "Red Eye" ? Perhaps "Breakfast on pluto" ? Or "The girl with the pearl earring" ? If you haven't heard of any of these films you should be ashamed of yourself! This means you have no taste whatsoever and no right to be here! ;)
He's thirty and very talented as well as handsome!
Rodrigo Santoro, also known as Karl, from Love, actually. He's brazilian and very attractive, I think you would put it... And he's one of those men, who do look a bit better when they're wearing glasses... He also starrs as the hot, bad guy in Charlie's Angels: Full throttle. But unfortunately, he's engaged to a brazilian supermodel. What a surprise.

Haven't seen him in anything else but Little Miss Sunshine, but I really love this charcater DWAYNE.
Especially the "Jesus was wrong" t-shirt...
I'm trying ot get hold of one!
Max Riemelt - cute
Max Riemelt - cute

Don't get me wrong- Will Ferrell isn't really hot or cute- I'd just marry him cause he's so funny! ;) And Jon Heder...well. He's kinda cute, inn'he?